Sunday, 27 July 2014

What happened.

We arrived two nights ago now in port edgar marina and i suppose we feel the contrast between us and them. We being those that make do and mend and have fun with what we have and the industry of sailing as a leisure sport. Every thing here has been great the service and warm and friendly reception i guess its expensive and easy. Dad thought he would have some fun in a modern racing dingy and it might help jen freyja and fergus how to fine tune sails. We hire a wee boat fer fergus which he capsized and came in after half hour and jen and freyja did not like it so they came in. I should have put a rief in our sail and as it turned out a bung in the back. I had a whale of a time racing about trying to get the hang of a flighty boat in confined space and gusty winds disappointed i could not get it to plain but all the water in her would not have helped should have taken my by standing mums advice and got the girl in the office to run over the boat before we left. I was a bit surprised after being given all the gear no one was close to hand to answer or guild us to how it went together, rightly i suppose we should have paid for a lesson to know that.
Well we found a few things out i love chuckle and giggle and crusing in them and the fact that here we are something quite different in the sea of plastic boats and racers. And jenny does not like tippy boat keel boats is jen, fergus is keen and freyja is still ready for anything.

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  1. Well done the chuckle and giggle crew....
    Small steps make firm progress. X