Tuesday, 1 July 2014

am i mad

Perhaps i have got a little carried away but i am enjoying myself. Just printed off 20 copies of the signal flag posters and below letters to post of to all clubs, pilots, harbour authorities, life boat stations and coast gaurd of the firth of the forth. Well at least i have warned them of the imminent norse invasion.

TEL/FAX: 01835 869931 Mobile: 07801 653830
30 June 2014 

Regarding: Chuckle’s Signal Flags, Film and Art Project

Dear Sir or Madam

Please find enclosed a small poster of Chuckle’s signal flags, for your future reference and amusement.

Info in Brief

From\To:          12 July to 12 August 2014
Chuckle:           Is a Nordic Folkboat, Sailing Sloop, Blue, Built 1954 wood hull, Main Sail no. 328.
Art and Film:   This family cruise is also an art project for Dad.
Signals:            Chuckle’s signal flags are a bit of fun, please signal with us if you have the means, we will do are best to respond.

Further information

As well as using signal flags the children will be assisting the skipper to navigate using a lead
line and chip log. These navigation aids and the signal flags will, it is hoped, inspire the children to engage in the navigation of Chuckle and understand better the marine environment. Fergus will be keeping a log of all the wildlife he sees, Freyja is drawing and painting ‘things’ and Mum is keeping the log and diary. Dad is going to make a film of the trip, in an effort to inspire others in coastal exploration aided by the simple pleasure of navigation with direct sensory connections, touch, sight and sound. These things seem obvious to the sailor but to a child or the uninitiated they are not. Dad’s film and related craftsman made navigation aids and signal flags, aim to expose the contrast of these simple direct sensory connections to those electronically aided. The film and navigation aids will become part of his open studio event at Hundalee Mill Farm on the 26 – 28 September and they will be entered into open film festivals and open art shows.

Just to make it clear and before you pick up the phone to child protection. Chuckle is equipped with safety gear, electronic sounder, GPS and VHF.

This is a self-funded art project and no public money is or will be applied for.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Hawson


  1. Many thanks for your letter! Aye, yer mad, but I did have a chuckle and will post to our FB page.
    FCYC, Granton

  2. At least one seafaring person has noted the flags......