Saturday, 24 November 2012

Looking for a home

Today was another perfect day sailing and at the weekend. Wow! It seems the winter months have been the best for conditions since september we have had great days every weekend. Freyja had a wee friend dougal and his mum. Despite the very cold 3 deg wind the skipper managed to convince the crew to so many cloths it was to hot in the harbour but out on the seaway smiles all round taking in the view and having lunch in cosy apparel.

Below is a boat for sale next to ours a little smaller and in need of a clean but the advert says cheap as chips a fellow sailer suggested £50 might win the deal.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Company this time

Well it was not a piece of string on the helm this weekend. Freyja in her new cold wether suit, Fergus grumpy because he has no new suit, bt the dog squeezed in the middle for additional warmth dispute her new waterproof and insulated new coat too and dad Tom getting especially squashed smiling even with a num bum.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Smug sailer

Sorry, I just could not take the grin off my face, 6 knots, sunshine and short handed but for the dog. It was heaven. There is no more sense of peace than on the water silently hissing along with the wind. I feel very lucky, having said that it did take a great leap of imagination, hard work and considerable prior experience that has got me this far. So much thanks goes to my dad in sowing the seed of wind and jenny my wife for housing and feeding the craft bum that I am danger of becoming.