Thursday, 7 August 2014

Back to reality

After 27 days bobbing about the firth of forth mostly with the tide and wind we are home. It was a very special feeling we all felt coming into home port with all our new experiences behind us it was different to are normal jollies to the head and back. I realized wondering about eyemouth again how lucky we are to have such a great port as we do for chuckle it is home from home too for the family. Warm and familiar faces have a new value and scampi, chips and a fine pint of ale at the contented sole was fab. There is already talk of where next on our next cruise, if only we had separate cabins for the kids and an ensuite! I must de brief the children on the acceptable standards of toilet humour ashore.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Uncomfortably numb

Well its the last but one night of our trip and we are all looking forward to being home. It has been fun and challenging. The children will never forget it and the parents might wonder if it was the best idea. Only time will tell. Hopefully we have begun our family cruising career and next year we will all be ready to face another trip and possibly new waters. I think we will be back to our favourite spots here in the forth and Dunbar has been great.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Play and rest

Well another lovely day at dunbar back in our cosy corner on the mud in the old harbour.
Our wee tender giggle was much appreciated by f and f this morning as they killed a few hour playing about in their ship. Having their own boat to call their own has been very useful throughout the trip it has been there space or floating play room.
After a walk to the beach dad got some sleep badly needed. F and f are distracted in making loom bands the latest kids craze. Interest in dads sowing project has now developed, " how do you do that " and "why that way" and "whats that called". I am practicing my sail mending sowing skills while making a bag and now the kids are finding fun in loom band world they have finally resized that dad is finding the same kind of fun in needle and palm land.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Granton to dunbar

For freyja our 6 year old who was very tired from two late nights declared to have big problems with waves so she stayed below sort of sleeping. Fergus was up and down and jenny loved being on the helm. It was force 4-6 we had two reefs the tide nd wind behind us and we were flying. Gps occasionally reading ground speed of 8 knots averaging more than 6. What fun in the sun. We are now sitting at anchor behind a hand and out of most of the swell at peffer sands with a couple of mile to go waiting for the tide to rise enough to enter dunbar. Both children rose to help anchor and cook tea, mum and dad now trying to have a short rest while the refueled and well fed children rise merry hell. Story time might be a good idea.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Big night out

Jenny's birthday supper. Well after forgetting it was Jenny's birthday before breakfast i made some amends by accepting an invitation ashore for the night with native savages. They turned out less savage and far more intellectual than our usual dinner company of two kids and a dog. Some how a birthday supper was procured including fresh lobster plucked from our hosts pot out side the harbour in rather choppy conditions. We also had a leaving do for some friends who were moving to france that lunch time so after a night away from chuckle and walk up a hill we were very tired tonight and all in bed by 9.
Looking at the charts and the weather we are going to fly to dunbar today 25Nm with thw wind force 4-5 and the tide behind us we leave at 9.