Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Well its like a dream come true. After the initial excitement of having made the decision then getting here to find the wind was not as expected (on shore) and the hand bilge broke amd plan b harbour master un contactable we had some thinking to do. The wind was getting pull of to land by the effect of hot air rising off the land and drawing the wind in after it soon to come right in to the evening as is happening. We decided no contact with harbour mast would not stop us coming in requesting shelter and we fixed the electric bilge pump and relized we had dour buckets so nonproblem. Oh and i dived down with mask and flippers to hand berry the anchor myself, this has given me a great deal of over night sense of security seeing the great length of chain laying along the bottom and the anchor dug in. So here is hoping we have a lovely al be it bobbing up amd down a bit nights sleep. Woow we have finally made it to largo bay after studying the charts for many winter nights it hardly seems real.

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