Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bad seamanship

We have been in port edgar to long jenny is fed up with it and would prefer to be anywhere including granton. So she and kids have gone for a day out in edinburgh and i am to deliver the boat to granton. Its blowing sw in direction of travel force 5 gusting 6, for me to get there in time to have tea cooked for our weary city folk i must leave to get in before the tide starts to flow full speed against the wind. Small jib on two reefs and i hope to cover the 6+Nm at hull speed in just over an hour. Should be interesting. Would have left sooner but have to wait for enough water to enter granton. All very convenient for city hoping fed up sailers but bad planning on seamanship front. Daddy will just have to put on his water proof shorts and grin and bear it!

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