Friday, 27 February 2015


Yes the consequence of asking if you don't have to do a job you are told you do. The articulation of the goose neck would be stuck together in the hot bath of zinc said the galvanizer on the phone. So rivets are now removed. Whole lot pact up and sent away can not wait to get them back can not think what i will do if any of it is lost. Have some science fun for the kids we are preparing to electro zinc plate the nuts and bolts that would be made unusable hot dipped.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Goose neck

After removing all paint and rust from the goose neck fitting i will now enquire if the hot dip galvanizing will not effect its articulation. Plan to post off all mast fittings today to galvanizers. Wow a proper job poor old chuckle will be to shabby for her mast.

New cross trees

Selecting oak from the hart with no trace of sap wood and clean straight grain i expect this new cross tree to last a while.

Making dowl plugs

Knock chips of wood through my dowl plate. The chips are made by puting elastic band round block and splitting the whole thing into little squares with widest chisel.
Could not get fergus to do it so i took some time to think through the next art project while in auto pilot making dowl and filling all the old cable tie screw holes on the mast there seem to be endless number of them.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mast partner wedges

After carving out the partner hole in the deck more accurately than it was and a drawing made these wedges were coppered round a mast of cut checked on the real section where they must perform and then tapered, all 16 of them rounded to fit inside and out and the ends rounded for knocking in and out. All this took al my spear time this weekend and monday morning for two hours. Making such a good job of them was a pleasure keeping an time sheet was not done, but i can say it took more than 8 hrs. I could possibly have don it on a lathe but any quicker not sure would like to know how anyone else does it? Any way the kids especially fergus was fascinated with all the steps and he and freyja will be given the pleasure of tapping them home when we put rise the mast.

Rounding the mast

Here the scarf joint and base of mast is shaped round and the sail track lumpy bit.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Boring out external wiring staple holes and filling them with dowl. So many.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Friday, 6 February 2015

Mast refurbishment

Hard at fixing chuckles mast between work and with chuckle lying in the water with no mast and no chance of sailing costing mooring fees the preasure is on to get out for a winter sail on one of these lovely crisp blue sky days asap. Running conduit and wires up the centre of mast will hopefully prove to be an improvement and the replacement of the bottom three metres will give the remaining old wood a new life. The old wood is warped but sound lets see what i can get out of it.