Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Chuckle’s Signal Flags

24 june

Chuckle’s Signal Flags

Prep for our cruise of the forth has been ongoing for some time, it is now my full time interest for the next few weeks, before we leave I have a number of things I want to make for us and especially the wee ones to use in our navigation. Leadline for measuring depth and seabed nature, chip log for speed in knots and signal flags, all direct sensory connections to our physical environment. This is fundamental navigation, and natural to children, GPS is not, and my commitment to make these items beautifully and give them to the children to use, document the experience and provide them in presentation boxes for selection in open art exhibitions is to simply promote the need to keep hold of the simple things in life and mistrust complex technology.

The video below is our oar practice the week before we fitted the rowlocks, the oars wear tide to the winches, Fergus trapped his head between the handle and the bulk head at one point, ouch, rowlocks would be a worthy safety addition.

Sat 21 june

This Saturday was a great day. We put the spinnaker up for the first time with the help of our experienced spinnaker flying houseguest. Having just finished adapting the length of a donated aluminum pole with a wooden shaft and swallowing hard at the price of the gun metal mast foot pole fitting on its sliding rail and fitting it, we wear ready to give it a go. Fergus assisted with the spinnaker lift and retrieval, pretty good for a 9 yr old, I was very proud and he loved it, he also had control of the port control line which he loved. He had direct control of the shoot on a run and could see very quickly the reaction of the sail to his line control.

We also had the pleasure of fitting the gunmetal rowlocks, silky smooth to handle and they worked beautifully. We nearly made it out of the harbor if it was not for the lack of way in swapping about rowers so much and the wind. Practice controlling the boat with loss of the engine, this has to be a good move. Fergus and Freyja have adopted the names from swallows and amazons ‘Port’ and ‘Starboard’ and adopt engine positions eagerly.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

More from yestarday

Click the YouTube link to see our row drill

A fine day oot

What can i say lots of fun on a perfect day. Freyja caught her first fish we practiced rowing our 2 ton follboat at 2 knots and f and f full of excitement and enthusiasm for our month long cruise to come this summer hols.

Sunday sail

Just Fergus and i make it out for a sail sunday gone, we caught 5 good size cod and dodged the rain clouds just. Quite a bit of chop. Just the two of us gave space to boost fergus' confidence. Its such a pleasure going out in the boat with someone as familiar with all the jobs needing done as fergus.