Monday, 27 July 2015


Bed early, after tidy decks, alter mooring lines theres a bit of a blow coming.
Tie everything down. Anchored the dingy on the beach. Its to swing to the north colder wetter than before and gusting like heavy weather. What will we do tomorrow when the kids wake up. Will i have to get up in the night rain coat and underpants to fix some bump or rattle. Have i forgotten anything. We are hard on our fenders. Water rattles the clinkers, rain only pattering the boom tent. Jen reads drifting off into another world. Skippers job is never done. Fergus and freyja cosy in the fore peek squeezed in dry warm tired. The dog just farted but she does help keep us warm. The barometer tells us of the change ever closer, the north wind is about to blow. The rigging is beginning to sing its song. My back aches. Tired at 930 pm another busy day.
Wilderness camping only in the middle of a pritty holiday village surrounded by weather beaten luxury holiday Cottages and grand houses, it feels a bit odd. Gastro pub diners looking out at the sea gypsy family bobbing about in the tiny yacht from Eyemouth in the wind and the rain. Life is interesting. Its good we all do it differently.

This morning was full of contrast. Fergus freyja and i went out in our tender giggle. Sailing out to fish for mackeral. We did not catch any so we went of to our lobster pot set the day before. Lifted the pot from our wee boat no crab or lobster for lunch. On the way out we were surounder almost circled at times by fast moving power boats and watched closely by small drifting fishing boats all but us were occupied by men. There was one other boat with wee ones huddled in the cabin of one boat of dads. Our giggle was the only boat sailed by two small children and they did the fishing too. On the way in the power boat from the hire water toys shop was dragging thrill seekers about screaming. My two children looked on putting freyja off the helm and her course. After our hour of fun fishing in giggle, fergus and freyja hired a sit on top for and hour wet suits on playing. Fergus went to rescue/help another boy who had throw his paddle away and swimming next to his sitontop. They had drifted out a wee bit, i watch and the ever watchful hire shop man noted fergus and freyja paddled back against the fresh breeze the much bigger lad gave up and came back on the rescue rib. 'Hardy lass' the hire man noted. What does all this teach us, what does it teach fergus and freyja, its taking me a while to work it out. Latter an older man took a laser out in the stronger afternoon blow and after his capsize was returned back in the rescue boat dragging his still capsized laser dingy, mast and sail flogging in the sea no match to the mighty out board. Think you tell where i am coming from. This nails it for me the power boat that joy rides at what appears to be full power up and down the beach warning any potential swimmers to stay close to the beach. I think we are all mad, whats a good idea or bad one today has become a blur.

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