Monday, 27 July 2015


Going with the wind and tide is frustrating if you want to go somewhere but an inspiration otherwise. Well we thought we wanted too leave elie tomorrow but now we have studied the options it looks best to stay put for two nights more let the south east win blow out the strong northerly to calm down and run home with a fair wind. We are all settled in, at elie in fife a beautiful quiet harbour. Lots for us to do so hope the coming rain is not to bad and our days out to st andrews a wind mill and messing about with lobster pot and fishing in giggle bring us fun rest and sustenance to mind and sole. Last night i was up at 1 am sorting out chuckles drying out, i and fergus were very tired today hoping we can recover with a good nights sleep tonight. Freyja today sailed giggle out to sea twice and back. She is becoming more and more confident. I was crew but only suggested improvements to sail trim and spent the time crouched under the boom being told what to do. We put the lobster pot in and fished. Fergus is struggling to pace himself and remain calm enough to recover from being tired. An afternoon nap would be good for him.

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