Thursday, 20 August 2015

Chuckles sale has been agreed

We have this morning with heavy hart accepted an offer for Chuckle. Her new home is as keen as we are to see her well cared for and used to her full potential, wonderful news and a great relief to find a great home for her.

Now what boat to choose to extend our sailing experience, i have written off a bigger wooden boat now, due to the extra size and the maintenance demand on top of everything else will be too much, perhaps when the children are more independent or have left home, sooooo…..  Fergus, freyja and myself (jenny away at work) have decided if we have to accept a piece of Tupperware we will only settle for the unsinkable well insulated, sea kindly/worthy, versatile,  spacious (to us) and fit for longer family passages to the baltic and beyond, fit for weekends and month long cruises away, is a bilge keeled Sadler 34. humm, how will i put the price tag to jenny……..15 years of holidays afloat? Does mum really want to do night watches, and longer passages? Jenny has agreed to do some night watch experience on a course or in some other way before we make the commitment. Deep breath. swallow, tear in my eye, no more chuckling………..

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