Friday, 10 April 2015

Sailing report

Well the first trip of the year has been a success but not with out
what felt like a great deal of effort. It has been a relief that the
family still enjoys going to the boat after all the work I have put in
to 'the families boating interest', I do get concerned I am dragging
them into me own obsession. We camped three nights on chuckle at
Eyemouth, it was perfect conditions with off shore wind, mild
temperatures and flat calm seas to make a multi day trip to holy
island, but with the family having not been on board for sometime, sea
leg growing and refamiliayrisation was in order. The camping routine
in the confined space is enough of a challenge with out navigating new
waters, and we had guffaw to play with. By the second day guffaw had
proved herself as a fit for purpose sailing rowing machine, but the
harbour was not happy with me calling her a tender as it was unlikely
we would haul her aboard should she be in the way. So this is guffaw
retired from home water tender duties, and reserved for sheltered
water play and camping trips. If we arrived with her at a visitor
pontoon I do not know what the harbour master in another port would
say! Perhaps I should find out. Guffaws main purpose is to gradually
give the children more autonomy on the water and a boat they can
develop in that is growing with there experience. Sailing it together
across the bay at Eyemouth was a great pleasure with the whole family
and the dog aboard. Fergus and Freyja had a go on the helm in guffaw
while sailing and over the summer I hope we can find more
opportunities for them to have a go on there own and develop there
sailing skills. They very confidently rowed guffaw about the harbour,
it was fantastic to see the two of them in the boat I made for them
and see how they fitted to its scale, lucky kids to have a dad build
them a made to measure play boat.

Reports from the family having had a night at home to consider,
conclude they want more. Mum and dad loved seeing the kids play in
guffaw, Freyja loved growing her sea legs without feeling sick sailing
chuckle at sea for half a day, she helmed for an hour. Jenny
unfortunately had a headache when we left and did not loss it till
night two, both kids said there favourite thing was sailing guffaw and
there worst was going home. I am grateful everyone had happy moments,
even if it feels like hard work sometimes it is all growing our
experience in safe and pleasurable steps into an expanding adventure.
Big sigh of relief from me.

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