Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Just swept the floor of all the left over thread ends, old tape and grommets from the area I have been fixing the sail over the weekend. I wonder how many miles that sail has pulled Chuckle through the water, how much servicing and up keep it has had and what its production cost were in the first place. With a personal interest in issues of sustainability I wonder how sustainable recreational sailing is and what are its effects on the environment, how do they compare to other activities and how might you reduce any negative impacts! Its got to be worse than walking, perhaps not if you have a habit to fly to nepal to trek, and i suspect its far better than jet skiing! Perhaps i might investigate further.

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  1. Hope you used strong, salt proof,yarn! And what is the footprint of the production of that yarn? The road to green ness is paved with necessary neurosis.. Understand the pit is there but don't fall in,,,,