Friday, 15 March 2013


Well this was an interesting change to my normal crew. James Wyness is an artist in sound and composer, living in jedburgh. He requested the opportunity to take a trip on chuckle to record the sounds she makes on the seaway. James' plan was to try and pick out sounds with his selection of special microphones, sounds that i and the crew hear as feedback as to chuckle's progress through the water and general health, like a doctor listens to your hart or an engineer listens to an engine. It was very funny watching him and relaxing in a funny way, slowly moving his microphones round the boat almost hunting out sounds. I was pleased to find he recorded the sounds he had hoped for from the creeky wooden hull and spares of wood and will use these to compose/create a piece of sound art. For more information and where to find his art when it is made public in Eyemouth i think, visit his website:

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