Sunday, 20 May 2012

Our first night aboard

Last night we slept our first night aboard chuckle. It was better than camping no tent to put up and the foam matresses were a dream. We spent the rest of Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday pottering about eyemouth and doing jobs to chuckles. Fitting a mast boot, kicking strap, wind vain the main sail and exit pipe for the new auto bilge pump. We did not go to sea, there was a biggish swell and cold east wind and there was no point when we could have so much fun getting to know the ropes. Fergus said his favourite bit was he helming chuckle as we put putted our little boat through the harbour to meet the harbour master who very kindly came out on his day off to lift me up in his forklift truck bucket to fit the wind vain. Freyja favourite bit about the first night on board adventure was sleep in cosy chuckle and BT falling in and dady drying the dog with a towl. I just can't wait to get down there again, and sail her out now in favourable winds...... Waiting for a westerly.

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